Updated Gathering Guidelines

FCCO is committed to providing a safe environment for all people who participate in our community. Currently:
  • Masks are not required at any service; however, you are free to wear one.
  • Registration is not required to attend worship services.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will review guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and from the State of NH. Where those policies are clear and direct, we will endeavor to support those policies by incorporating them in our guidelines, and where needed we will amplify or clarify our policy to best serve our staff, volunteers, and community. On March 18, 2021, the State of NH adopted a general best practices document, entitled: Safer at Home, Universal Guidelines. This document is meant to replace many separate documents, including one guideline for Houses of Worship. The elders of FCCO have encouraged continuing steps to safeguard our community, in keeping with the NH Universal Guidelines, including sanitation procedures and increased distancing of seating in the Family Life worship center. On August 5, 2021, the NH Division of Health Services adopted two documents with guidelines for how people should respond when exposed to COVID-19. The elders of FCCO support these guidelines, which are incorporated into our COVID-19 guidelines, and included with this guidance:
  • Quarantine Guide for Unvaccinated People Exposed to COVID-19 in their Household
    • These guidelines apply specifically to people who have not been vaccinated but have been exposed to COVID-19. As noted in the guidelines, those who are exposed but not vaccinated should follow a 10-day quarantine period after exposure.
  • Self-Observation Guide for People Exposed to COVID-19 Who Are Not Required to Quarantine
    • These guidelines apply specifically to people who have been exposed to COVID 19 in the community, including vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. As noted in the guidelines, those who have been exposed in the community, even if vaccinated, should carefully monitor symptoms, get tested, and wear a mask when indoors. These requirements also apply to vaccinated people who have been exposed through contact with a member of their household.
These two documents should be reviewed by all staff, volunteers, and active members of the FCCO community.