30 Hours Around the World is a partnership between the FCCO Student Ministries and the FCCO Global Outreach team to help students grow a heart for participating in God’s work here around the world. Students will fast for 30 hours to experience a glimpse of what so many people live with on a daily basis. We will also hear from two of our own FCCO missionaries about their experience with hunger and being the hands and feet of Jesus around the world. Students will be inspired to make a difference for God around the world through our speakers, games, and fundraising for those in need. All funds raised will support The Bethany Project in Haiti, which provides education and for many students the only meal they will receive each day. Students will also grow a heart for serving their own community through local service projects.

The Bethany Project had its start over a half century ago at a school founded by Dr. Jean Claude Noel who was then pastor of the Boulos Baptist Church in Port au Prince. Pastor Noel and his wife soon discovered that the children were so desperately malnourished they couldn’t pay attention to their lessons. Assisted by Rhode Island pastor, Dr. David Madeira, the Bethany feeding program was begun. Some schools with the help of generous donors still provide a nutritious school lunch. 

Due to the upcoming storm, Wednesday evening groups and classes have been canceled. Life's Healing Choices will begin April 10.