Global Outreach

The church doesn’t have a mission. The mission has a church.

God is a missional God.  It is in His nature to be sent.  In the Gospel of John, both Jesus and the Holy Spirit are described as being sent.  Praise God that He doesn’t remain aloof and separate from us; but in His grace and love, He sends Himself to bring us to Him!  This is His mission, a mission that was set in place at the beginning of time.  

For every follower of Christ, it is a privilege to join God in His work, to restore all people to Himself.  The Global Outreach (GO!) Team partners with global workers who have joined God in His work around the world. It is our great desire to encourage our global partners through prayer, interpersonal, and financial support. We also aspire to transform the hearts of our own church as we are witnessing and experiencing God at work and by joining Him in what He is doing next door and around the world.