One might assume that as long as people follow Christ, the church doesn’t need formal membership.  Isn’t it enough simply to call yourself a Christian and attend regularly?  We believe that there are at least three reasons for having a formal membership. 

  1. The concept of membership is biblical. While the term “church member” is never used in Scripture, the concept is implicit throughout the New Testament. Believers clearly identified themselves with a specific local body and were challenged to become fully devoted participants.
  2. Membership can be a significant “defining moment” in one’s lifelong discipleship journey.
  3. Membership is valuable to the leaders of the church as they seek to fulfill their God-given task of shepherding. Membership is a mutual commitment. As an individual commits to membership, the church commits to caring for the individual.  

What questions are answered in the membership class?

  • What does it mean to be a Christ-follower?
  • What beliefs do we affirm in our Statement of Faith?
  • How is FCCO organized?
  • How do we live out our Mission?
  • What commitments do we make as Covenant Members of FCCO?

What would I be committing to?

Membership is a commitment on your part to participate at FCCO as God has enabled you in these basic areas:

  • Praying for our church
  • Consistent worship attendance
  • Personal ministry involvement
  • Financial support of the church
  • Participation in an Adult Fellowship or Small Group
  • Personal Ownership of FCCO’s Mission: Follow, Love, Share—Everyone, Everywhere!

What is the process for becoming a member?

  1. Attend the Membership Class.  The class is offered several times a year.  While attendance at this class does not obligate you to join, you must attend this before you can become a member.  This class helps you to investigate who we are as a church, what we value as important, our statement of faith, and our various ministries.
  2. Membership Affirmation.  If, after attending the Membership Class, you feel God is leading you to become a member, fill out and submit the Membership Affirmation.  This is a time of self-evaluation where each individual affirms what we value as a church—including baptism, which is a requirement for membership.
  3. Meet with an Elder.  After completing this Affirmation, the prospective member meets with an Elder to discuss the affirmation made and to confirm membership.
  4. Congregational Welcome.  All new members are then introduced and welcomed on a designated Sunday morning so that our whole community can celebrate together. 

Due to the upcoming storm, Wednesday evening groups and classes have been canceled. Life's Healing Choices will begin April 10.