Sermon: “Frenzy” from Marc Swenson

Marc Swenson - October 9, 2022

Finances (Part 1): Resetting the Way We View Money

It’s Fair season. Fairs mean funhouses… you know, the ones with the crazy mirrors that distort our bodies and make us cry with laughter? While it’s amusing in a fun house, when it comes to finances, the distortion of our culture’s view of money is no laughing matter. In our materialistic culture, it can be a struggle to clearly understand what our relationship with money should look like, which is why Jesus spent so much time talking about it in Scripture. This week, we’ll reset our understanding of finances, and learn to view money God’s way. You won’t want to miss it! Join us for church, and then go have some fun at the fair!

Scripture References: Luke 16:1-13

From Series: "RESET"

This series is about resetting our lives to God’s purpose and plan for us. We’ll look at areas such as family, friendships, finances, fellowship, fitness, and forgiveness. We’ll start with a call to focus—that is, reset our devotion to God.

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