At FCCO, parents are the primary disciple-makers of their children and have the greatest impact on their child’s faith journey. Faith Milestones offer a roadmap to follow as you navigate your child’s spiritual development in partnership with the church. No matter where you are on your journey, we are here for you, and with God’s help, you can do this!

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Milestone 1:  Parent and Child Dedication
Infants/Toddlers, June-Father’s Day 

Parents dedicate their child to God with a commitment to raise them in the knowledge and nurture of the Lord. This is a public declaration and celebration with the church family who commits to partner with you in teaching and supporting them.

Milestone 2:  First Bible, Salvation, and Communion
Kindergarten – Grade 4 

Parents plant the seeds of salvation by sharing and modeling the gospel regularly. After your child receives Jesus Christ as Savior, you are encouraged to lead them in receiving communion. In first grade, your child will receive a Bible in the worship service and you are encouraged to study the Bible with your child. More information here

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Milestone 3:  Biblical Worldview
All ages

Parents continue to lead as the primary faith-trainers of their child by providing regular spiritual instruction and biblical teaching that supports a Christian worldview.

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Milestone 4:  Baptism (Easter and Summer)
Suggested ages 10 and up

Parents and child will attend an elder-led class on baptism. You and your child will learn about the Scriptural basis for baptism and they will share a written statement of their faith and salvation.

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Milestone 5:  Preparing for Adolescents/Purity for Life
Grades 5 and 6

Parents guide and prepare their child for new social, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual changes. You are encouraged to plan a special getaway weekend or overnight to initiate healthy discussions. 

Milestone 6:  Self-Worth/Identity
Grades 7 and 8

Parents will guide their kids as they begin to ask questions about their identity, who they are, and who God made them to be. You are encouraged to intentionally and consistently affirm your child’s identity in Christ, as well as present them with an identity blessing as they graduate eighth grade. More information here

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Milestone 7:  Owning Your Faith
Grades 9 and 10

Parents will help their child take hold of their own faith and find their place of belonging in the church. You will learn to move from architect of your child’s life to mentor. These years provide great opportunities for you and your child to serve and grow together.

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Milestone 8:  Preparing to Launch
Grades 11 and 12

Parents will help their child better integrate their faith with the world in which they live as well as begin to discover God’s unique purpose for their lives. Discussions and guidance will focus on helping your child determine what God has in store for them as they move beyond high school and begin to live life on their own. Exploring church membership is a great step at this time.

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Milestone 9:  High School Graduation
Grade 12, June

Parents, you’ve guided your kids through high school, now it’s time to celebrate. We will honor and bless graduates as a church family. You are encouraged to celebrate and bless them as they take their next steps.

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Milestone 10: Life in Christ

Throughout the Milestone journey, students have been encouraged to own their faith. This journey now continues into adulthood as young adults are encouraged to personally grow in their faith through spiritual disciplines, connection to a local church wherever they live, sharing life in a Growth Group, and using their gifts to serve others.

Due to the upcoming storm, Wednesday evening groups and classes have been canceled. Life's Healing Choices will begin April 10.