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Sermon: “The Light of Love” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Light of the World.” What makes you most lovable? Have you ever considered that in God’s eyes the answer may be nothing? JI Packer puts it this way, “Love among men is awakened by something in the beloved, but the love of God is free, spontaneous, unevoked, uncaused. God loves men because He has chosen to love them.” This Sunday we will take a deep dive into the Agape love of God for us. Love that is unconditional, grace-filled, sacrificial, and inviting. We will find that as we embrace this love, we can learn to love God’s way and shine the light of God’s love into the hearts of others. Join us this Sunday as we continue to celebrate Advent!

Sermon: “The Light of Hope” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Light of the World.” Jesus is the light of the world. But did you know He calls us the light of the world [Matt. 5:14-16]? When we receive the light of Christ, our whole lives become illuminated by Him. And the light that radiates from us must not be hidden. This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. We’ll celebrate the miracle of salvation in Christ. And we’ll learn how to carry out the ministry He has for each of us to do.

Sermon: “Giving Thanks Always for All Things” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Thanksgiving.” Happy Thanksgiving church family! We’re looking forward to a very special time together with thanksgiving hymns, responsive readings, a message of gratitude and the sharing of the body and blood of Christ through communion. In addition, there will be a time to corporately hear from each other about God’s goodness in our lives. Please consider sharing a brief testimony answering the questions: “What do you have to be thankful for… in the way God is at work in your life? In the way God is at work in our church and community?” We’re looking forward to a wonderful time of worship and Thanksgiving celebration! We can’t wait to see you Sunday.

Sermon: “Forgiveness” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “RESET.” Of all the things God asks of us—giving of our finances, serving Christ and His church, studying His Word, and many other things—forgiving others can be the most difficult aspect of discipleship. But forgiveness isn’t an option. It’s of paramount importance for us as God’s dearly loved children. We are to forgive as God has forgiven us. Tomorrow, we’ll learn what forgiveness is and what it is not. And we’ll discover the freedom that comes when we forgive others in the name of Jesus.

Sermon: “Family (Part 2): Resetting the Way We View Marriage” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “RESET.” Forty years ago, Jack Dominian, founder of the Marriage Research Council, said this of marriage. “The name remains the same but its inner world is changing from being primarily a permanent contract, in which the children and their welfare were its main concern, to a relationship intended to be permanent, in which companionship, equity and personal fulfillment are becoming just as important as the welfare of children.” Since that time, culture’s definition of marriage has continued to be redefined, setting aside permanence and the welfare of the family altogether. This Sunday, we will rediscover God’s original design for marriage and encounter the fullness of God’s good gift. Join us as we reset our understanding of marriage from God’s perspective.

Sermon: “Family (Part 1): Teaching Our Kids to Love and Obey God” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “RESET.” It’s no surprise that most parents want their kids to grow up to be happy and healthy, make a good living, and have a stable family life. While there’s nothing wrong with desiring such things for our children, there’s something far more crucial that often fails to make the list. What about raising kids to love and obey Jesus? That, after all, is where the ultimate purpose, joy, and satisfaction in life are found. We’ll explore Deuteronomy 6:1-25 and find out what godly parenting is all about.

Sermon: “Fitness: Resetting the Way We View Our Body” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “RESET.” The medical community is finally acknowledging what Scripture has taught since the beginning of time; there is a deep connection between our mind, body, soul, and spirit. How we treat one deeply affects the others. While this truth has been recently acknowledged by the medical community, for some reason it has been downplayed in the 21st-century church, specifically related to our physical health. Join us as we look into God’s Word to see what it has to say about Fitness. We’ll rediscover the joy found in honoring God with our bodies.

Sermon: “Finances (Part 2): Resetting Our Gratitude to God” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “RESET.” Why does God make such a big deal about how we handle our money? Jesus answered that when He said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” [Mt. 6:21] God doesn’t want our hearts consumed with the uncertainty of earthly things. He wants our hearts centered on Him and His eternal faithfulness, joy, and generosity. Giving is a cheerful act of worship and gratitude to our Lord. Join us as we study God’s Word together.

Sermon: “Finances (Part 1): Resetting the Way We View Money” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “RESET.” It’s Fair season. Fairs mean funhouses… you know, the ones with the crazy mirrors that distort our bodies and make us cry with laughter? While it’s amusing in a fun house, when it comes to finances, the distortion of our culture’s view of money is no laughing matter. In our materialistic culture, it can be a struggle to clearly understand what our relationship with money should look like, which is why Jesus spent so much time talking about it in Scripture. This week, we’ll reset our understanding of finances, and learn to view money God’s way. You won’t want to miss it! Join us for church, and then go have some fun at the fair!

Sermon: “Friendship” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “RESET.” Facebook statistics reveal users have an average of 338 friends on the platform. That’s a lot of friends—but can they all really be friends? A true friend is more than an acquaintance or someone who clicks a button on Facebook. Tomorrow we’ll reset ourselves to a biblical understanding of Christian companionship and fellowship. We’ll rediscover the need to have—and be—true friends who know, love, and encourage one another.