Sermon: “An Extraordinary Message to Ordinary People” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Upside Down Christmas.” The President of the United States has a press secretary to communicate the most important news to the American people. But when it came to sharing the greatest news ever given, God chose despised and overlooked shepherds to be his spokespeople. Join us as we continue in our Advent celebration, being reminded that God draws near to and uses the least of these in powerful ways for His kingdom purposes. Celebrate with us Sunday!

Sermon: “A Surprising Future From a Sinful Past” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Upside Down Christmas.” Who’s in your family tree? Are there some you are proud to claim and others you wish you could remove? The genealogy of Jesus is full of questionable characters with scandalous pasts. Yet, instead of being excluded, they were intentionally included in the line of Jesus, giving hope to us. Join us Sunday as we begin our series, Upside Down Christmas, finding that God uses the foolish, weak, lowly, and despised of this world for His purpose and glory. Rahab, the prostitute, is one of them. Her story is profound and will bring encouragement and challenge to your heart! Hope to see you Sunday as we begin this Advent season!

Sermon: “The Joy of Giving and Receiving” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Joyride: A Study of Philippians.” On this Thanksgiving Sunday, we come to the end of our Joyride series in the book of Philippians. The service will begin with songs of Thanksgiving followed by Communion as we celebrate and praise God for His generosity through Christ. We’ll then hear Paul’s words of joy and thanksgiving for his dear Philippian friends who had been so generous with him in his time of need. The service will close with our own time of testimony and sharing as we give thanks to the Lord. As you reflect on how God has increased your joy through this series, would you consider sharing these words of praise and thanksgiving with the congregation? We hope you can join us for this very special Thanksgiving Service!

Sermon: “The Joy of Knowing God’s Peace” from Jim Cooper

A sermon from the series “Joyride: A Study of Philippians.” The pressures of the world, difficult relationships, and the challenges of daily living can easily drive us to worry and anxiety. This week Paul is going to show us how to find relief and joy in each and every one of these situations through God’s Presence, God’s Peace, and God’s Power. Invite a friend and join us on Sunday as we discover the Joy of knowing the Peace of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sermon: “The Joy of Knowing Jesus” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Joyride: A Study of Philippians.” How good is good enough? That’s a question people often find themselves asking at some point on their faith journey. The truth is we can never be good enough to earn God’s favor. That’s the whole point! We need a Savior. This week Paul will remind us that wherever we are in our faith journey, we never move past the gospel. The more we know Jesus, the more we realize just how much we need Him. Invite a friend and join us Sunday as we discover the joy of knowing more and more and more of Jesus!

Sermon: “Take Heart” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Take Heart.” The mass shooting in Maine this past week was a shock to all of us. Between the chaos and evil at home and all that is going on overseas, we may wonder where God is in all of this. This week, we’ll take a break from our Philippians series to hear from Jesus Himself. The message is titled ‘Take Heart’, and it comes from the promise of Jesus in John 16 to give us His peace in a world full of trouble. If you are anxious, disturbed, or angry with what you see taking place around us, or maybe you can’t even handle thinking about it, come, join us, and find peace and rest offered in Christ. If you know of a friend in the same place, invite them. They’ll walk away with hope!

Sermon: “No Lone Rangers” from Joel Gill

A sermon from the series “Joyride: A Study of Philippians.” In life, some things are better done and bring us joy when done alone. I bet you are thinking of a list right now. Other things are meant to be done with others. This Sunday, we will continue in the book of Philippians and look at something that God never intended for us to do alone: serving Him. Join us as we look at the example of two servants who served alongside Paul and how we can serve alongside one another.

Sermon: “The Joy of Sanctification and Shining” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Joyride: A Study of Philippians.” New Hampshire is known for windstorms, ice, and nor’easters that knock out power for days. For the first few hours it’s fun, but once nighttime comes and you’re without light it gets old quickly. In the same way that we need light to see and make sense of our surroundings, Paul tells us that we are the light to an unbelieving world to help them make sense of Jesus. Join us as we learn how to work out our salvation in order to shine bright. In it, there is great joy!

Sermon: “Joyful Servanthood” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Joyride: A Study of Philippians.” Success. Power. Looking out for number one. These values characterize American culture. The way of the kingdom is different, inverted actually. Humility. Selflessness. Putting the needs of others before your own. This is the way of Jesus. Join us as we learn how to take on the attitude of Christ, living not for ourselves but for the good of others.

Sermon: “Worthy of the Gospel” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Joyride: A Study of Philippians.” Have you ever seen a hunter using a squirt gun to get a deer, or a hairdresser trying to cut hair with salad tongs, or a football player running down the field in flipflops?” There are some things that simply don’t work. In the same way, Christian faith doesn’t make sense to the outside world when it’s not backed up by the way we live. Join us as we learn how to “conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel.” As we do, we’ll find great joy!