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Sermon: “Celebration Sunday” from Team Bolivia

A sermon from the series “Reflections From Team Bolivia.” There is no greater joy than serving the Lord! Tomorrow morning, Team Bolivia will lead our worship services. Through song, video, and testimony, they will share all that God did in them and through them while in South America. Our Bolivian global outreach partners, Jonathan and Monica, will also be with us to share about the encouragement they received through our team. Thank you for praying for and supporting God’s work in Bolivia. We hope you can join us for a very special morning!

Sermon: “Strengthened By Grace” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” Our study of Hebrews concludes tomorrow. The final verses of this letter are filled with hope, encouragement, and challenge. They urge us to ground ourselves in the Word of God, live by God’s amazing grace, and offer a sacrifice of praise in word and deed. Although written 2,000 years ago, Hebrews is as relevant today as ever. Its message is meant to help us joyfully persevere in the faith. Join us tomorrow as Hebrews strengthens us by the grace of God.

Sermon: “Practical Matters” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” If you like getting emails or letters (remember those?) from close, loving friends you’ll love this last chapter of Hebrews. The great pastoral heart of the author comes to the forefront in his closing words. After twelve chapters of awe-inspiring theology, he now focuses on words of loving application. One by one, he touches on the kinds of behavior by which Christians bring light to a dark and decaying culture. We’ll be reminded to love one another, show kindness and mercy to strangers, choose contentment over greed, and other marks of authentic Christian living. Please join us as we learn from God’s Word.

Sermon: “Unshakable” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” The strongest earthquake ever recorded struck the coast of Chile in 1960. It measured 9.5 on the Richter scale. It caused incalculable destruction. We want to think the ground beneath our feet is unshakable, but it isn’t. And that’s also true of so many things in life—our health, finances, jobs, and even relationships can be shaken to the core without warning. The Kingdom of God is the only thing that is unmovable. Tomorrow, from Hebrews 12, we’ll see that “Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe” [28 NLT]. Join us as we study God’s Word!

Sermon: “The Great Race” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” All the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11 are cheering us on from heaven today. They’re urging us to keep running the great race—for that is what the Christian life is. It’s a race we run with endurance as our eyes are fixed on Jesus. Yes, there are times when we want to quit or temporarily step off the track, but there’s a finish line in our sights. And just beyond is a reward that surpasses our wildest dreams and expectations. Join us as Hebrews equips us to keep following Jesus.

Sermon: “Heroes of Faith – Part 3” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” Hebrews 11 is often referred to as the Hall of Faith. It’s packed with the names of people who responded to God in faith. It’s easy to lift these heroes high onto pedestals. But to do so is to miss the point. They were just as imperfect as we are. Some of them sinned in spectacular ways. Yet, they’re remembered for their faith. One of the lessons we’ll learn tomorrow is that faith is for flawed people. Our faith in Christ is what ultimately defines us.

Sermon: “Heroes of Faith – Part 2” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” It’s pop quiz time! Answer true or false to the following statements:
Christians never wrestle with doubts.
Christians never stumble into sin.
Christians are free from imperfection.
Christians are always shielded from hardship, suffering, and tragedy.
Christians take hold of God’s promises without wavering in hope.
Christians never suffer failure or defeat in their faith-walks.
Okay, time to grade your quiz. This will be easy. The answer to all these statements is “false.” Hebrews 11 is filled with heroes of the faith—and none of them were perfect! They struggled just as we do. Yet, by the grace of God, they accomplished extraordinary things for Christ and His kingdom.
Tomorrow, we’ll be encouraged by Moses’ imperfect faith. Join us!
[This quiz was adapted from Charles R. Swindoll’s commentary on Hebrews.]

Sermon: “Heroes of Faith” from Marc Swenson

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” We all have heroes… Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Bono, Martin Luther King, Billy Graham, Mother Theresa to name a few. We aspire to be like those we look up to. As we celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday we’ll learn from some of the greatest heroes of faith. Thousands of years later, their lives still speak! Join us as we celebrate our Fathers and worship our Lord.

Sermon: “Don’t Shrink Back!” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” Paula Radcliffe was the first woman to cross the finish line at the 2007 New York City Marathon. Zoe Koplowitz finished last at 28 hours, 45 minutes.
Multiple sclerosis slowed Zoe down, but it didn’t keep her from crossing the finish line. Wearing back and knee braces, she walked the entire route using crutches. For her, finishing the race was “a total blessing,” and said afterward, “I’m just extremely grateful. I don’t get any younger, and my MS doesn’t get any better.”
The Christian life is a marathon. The route doesn’t get any smoother, and the struggles of life still get in our way. Hebrews assures us that an eternal reward awaits those who don’t give up, drop out, or shrink back! Join us tomorrow as Hebrews challenges us to keep running the race.

Sermon: “Torn Curtain” from Dan Mitchum

A sermon from the series “Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER.” In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, a mysterious wardrobe grants or prevents entrance into Narnia. In The Lord of the Rings, the Doors of Durin bar entrance into Moria under the Misty Mountains. A key feature of these stories is a barrier between you and where you need to be.

There used to be a barrier—a curtain—that kept us from God. But in His death, Jesus tore the veil in two. Through faith, we now can enter the very presence of God with confidence. That is amazing grace! Tomorrow we’ll discover just how much the Lord loves it when we draw near to Him.