Sermon: “Chasing After Wealth” from Dan Mitchum

Dan Mitchum - May 21, 2023

Better Than One

In 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mount Everest, the first man ever to do so. But he wasn’t alone. He had a Sherpa climbing companion named Tenzing Norgay. For many years hardly anyone heard his name. Yet on the way back down the mountain, Hillary fell and was almost lost. He would certainly have perished without Norgay, who literally pulled him back up by a cable and saved his life. Edmund Hillary lived because of the help of an unknown man. When someone asked Norgay why he didn’t brag about it, he said, “We mountain climbers help each other.” Today we’ll continue our study of Ecclesiastes. The Teacher will examine the life of a lonely man—not lonely by circumstance, but lonely by choice. As you can guess, Solomon finds a life of isolation utterly vaporous. Instead of going through life alone, he’ll urge us to have at least one close companion by our side. Why? Because we Christians help each other!

Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 4:4-12

From Series: "Ecclesiastes: The Secret of Life"

This week we start a new sermon series on one of the most puzzling books of the Bible. Ecclesiastes was written by a man searching for the secret of life. Hoping to find the answer, he experimented with everything life has to offer. He threw amazing parties, built breathtaking buildings, amassed incredible wealth—and that’s just for starters. He denied himself nothing his eyes desired and refused his heart no pleasure. And what did he discover?

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