Sermon: “First Love” from Dan Mitchum

Dan Mitchum - March 12, 2023

First Love

Have you ever seen a sinkhole? Cars can be parked on a street day after day, and everything appears normal; then, one day, the asphalt caves in, and cars disappear into a gigantic hole. Everybody says, “That hole came out of nowhere!” But they’re wrong. The hole appeared suddenly, but the process that led to it continued for many years. The underground erosion was invisible, but it was there all along. The same kind of thing can happen to our love for Jesus. The passion we once had for Jesus can erode over time without us realizing it. Yes, we keep serving, giving, and following Jesus—but we do these things more out of a sense of duty than a declaration of our love for Him. Jesus will call us back to Him, our First Love.

Scripture References: Revelation 2:1-7

From Series: "PURSUIT"

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