Sermon: “Heroes of Faith – Part 2” from Dan Mitchum

Dan Mitchum - June 26, 2022

Heroes of Faith - Part 2

It’s pop quiz time! Answer true or false to the following statements: Christians never wrestle with doubts. Christians never stumble into sin. Christians are free from imperfection. Christians are always shielded from hardship, suffering, and tragedy. Christians take hold of God’s promises without wavering in hope. Christians never suffer failure or defeat in their faith-walks. Okay, time to grade your quiz. This will be easy. The answer to all these statements is “false.” Hebrews 11 is filled with heroes of the faith—and none of them were perfect! They struggled just as we do. Yet, by the grace of God, they accomplished extraordinary things for Christ and His kingdom. Tomorrow, we’ll be encouraged by Moses’ imperfect faith. Join us! [This quiz was adapted from Charles R. Swindoll’s commentary on Hebrews.]

Scripture References: Hebrews 11:23-28

From Series: "Hebrews: JESUS IS GREATER"

The overall message of Hebrews is JESUS IS GREATER. Greater than what? Jesus is greater than everything! The early Christians needed to be reminded of the supremacy of Christ over all people and things.

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