Sermon: “Jesus Prays for God’s People” from Dan Mitchum

Dan Mitchum - January 15, 2023

Jesus Prays for God's People

Jesus’ prayer in John 17 is powerful—not merely because of what He prayed for but when He prayed. Immediately after saying “Amen,” Jesus was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to suffer a criminal’s death on a cross. All of this, of course, came as no surprise to Him. As the Son of God, Jesus knew the future. He knew the pain and suffering that awaited Him. Knowing what lay ahead, you’d think He’d pray for Himself. Instead, Jesus prayed for us! He prayed for God the Father to protect, unify, and sanctify us in His absence. When the time for Him to be sacrificed came, we were on Jesus’ mind and in His prayers. Join us as we discover yet again how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. 

Scripture References: John 17:6-19

From Series: "The Prayer of Prayers"

The prayer we call “The Lord’s Prayer” from Matthew 6 isn’t technically the Lord’s prayer. The prayer that begins, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…” is the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray. So, that prayer could better be referred to as “The Disciples’ Prayer.” The real Lord’s prayer—that is, the prayer Jesus personally prayed for us is found in John 17. There are four parts to this prayer: Jesus prays for God’s glory, Jesus prays for God’s people, Jesus prays for God’s church, and Jesus prays for God’s mission. In Jesus’ prayer, we see the depth of His love for us and His passion for His church. Join us as we hear Jesus pray the prayer of prayers!

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