Sermon: “Jesus Prays for God’s Mission” from Drew Gentile

Drew Gentile - February 5, 2023

Jesus Prays for God's Mission

This Sunday we finish The Prayer of Prayers with a look at John 17:25-26. These last two verses focus on God’s mission. We will look at four things they mean to us. As the final words of Jesus' longest prayer, and the last one before his suffering, they provide a glimpse into the deepest longing of Jesus’ and the Father’s heart.  Join us this Sunday as we explore this simple but profound ending to The Prayer of Prayers.

Scripture References: John 17:25-26

From Series: "The Prayer of Prayers"

The prayer we call “The Lord’s Prayer” from Matthew 6 isn’t technically the Lord’s prayer. The prayer that begins, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…” is the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray. So, that prayer could better be referred to as “The Disciples’ Prayer.” The real Lord’s prayer—that is, the prayer Jesus personally prayed for us is found in John 17. There are four parts to this prayer: Jesus prays for God’s glory, Jesus prays for God’s people, Jesus prays for God’s church, and Jesus prays for God’s mission. In Jesus’ prayer, we see the depth of His love for us and His passion for His church. Join us as we hear Jesus pray the prayer of prayers!

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