Sermon: “The End of the Matter” from Dan Mitchum

Dan Mitchum - July 30, 2023

The End of the Matter

There’s a story about a woman going through airport security. Before passing through the full-body scanner, the TSA agent asked if she had anything in her pockets. She answered, “Yes, in one of my pockets, I have a plumb line, a measuring rod, a hammer, bread, water, a compass, a mirror, a sword, and my ID card.” The security agent scoffed. “There’s no way you could get all that into one pocket!” She then pulled her Bible from her pocket. Over the past few months, we’ve discovered that Ecclesiastes is an amazing book. And that shouldn’t surprise us as it is the Bible—the Word of God. It’s given us priceless guidance for today and hope for the future. The Teacher set out to find the secret of life. He finally found it. Tomorrow he’ll tell us what it is.

Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

From Series: "Ecclesiastes: The Secret of Life"

This week we start a new sermon series on one of the most puzzling books of the Bible. Ecclesiastes was written by a man searching for the secret of life. Hoping to find the answer, he experimented with everything life has to offer. He threw amazing parties, built breathtaking buildings, amassed incredible wealth—and that’s just for starters. He denied himself nothing his eyes desired and refused his heart no pleasure. And what did he discover?

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